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Hey guys!! First of, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME LOVE! I can't tell you how much that means to me. It's what keeps me doing my thing.

ATTENTION: I will NOT be making videos in a thong, or topless. I will not be masturbating, or anything of the like! If you're just biding your time until I make something like that, you can CLEAR OUT! I've no need for nonsense, so if you want to leave me garbage comments like the one below, consider your ass BANNED! Kthx.

Much love to those who show me love!!! :)

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Just A Little Something... For fun Warming Up Lil Bit o Sumpin Im BACK! Somethin NEW For Ya Upshot Pt. 2!! jilliciouz booty shake video: ShawtyisaTen.mp4 Best Best.. On CRACK! jilliciouz booty shaking video: 19-7-2008-18-49-53-Tease.mp4 UPshot!!! Never thought I'd like Chris Brown... WORK IT!! I Had to Give You SOMETHING... jilliciouz booty shake video: Directions.mp4 NEW Sexy Ass Shakin!! If You Like Comedy... This WAS gonna be my contest submission Oollddd booty bouncing A Little Booty Clapping My THANK YOU Vid! I Want Your Girl The YouTube Approved (kinda) Ass Clap Vid.. My ORIGINAL Ass Clapping Vid! Dancing to something else