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9-9-2012 10:53
jill came out with a topless video wearing a thong on dailtmotion
10-9-2012 03:42
i saw a vid of her with a thong and topless, i just want to know if thats the only one, or is there more?
14-10-2012 05:40
Rob, afaik that&039;s the only one. The full version of her Deziak Clan music video is also unbelievably sexy.
8-12-2012 18:02
I hope you come back for the contest. I&039;d definitely vote for you!
11-1-2013 20:40
Does anyone know how I can see the full version of her Deziak Clan vid?
12-1-2013 03:04
Hey I have good news and a lot of stuff to tell you. Please get back old friend we got a lot of catching up to do :-)
12-1-2013 03:07
I think you would only remember one earl! Lol
12-1-2013 04:23
You rock, Jill. I hope you never stop dancing!
10-2-2015 04:12
Hey I was wondering if you had any new videos. I saw that one with you dancing to round of applause. If so email me.
14-12-2015 14:33
Hi jill-would u plz post your slowness vid get it on in public 1 of my favorites - thz
14-12-2015 14:44
Would you post your get it on in public vid was on dailymoton how can i get it. 1 of my favorites thx.
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12-10-2016 00:08
Your site said you had 3 videos available for subscription. Can you release them Still a huge fan after all this time. _
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Hey guys!! First of, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME LOVE! I can't tell you how much that means to me. It's what keeps me doing my thing.

ATTENTION: I will NOT be making videos in a thong, or topless. I will not be masturbating, or anything of the like! If you're just biding your time until I make something like that, you can CLEAR OUT! I've no need for nonsense, so if you want to leave me garbage comments like the one below, consider your ass BANNED! Kthx.

Much love to those who show me love!!! :)

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